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Aerodynamic Car Design

Measuring Drag and Visualizing Flow Patters Around a Vehicle Goal: Test a car in a wind tunnel at max speed of 40 m/s and compare to another (provided by professor) for drag measurement and perform visualization of the flow patterns around the vehicle. Group Project: 4 Members Materials Provided: Wheels, Axles As a group, we Read More

Electricity Usage with MATLAB

In this project we are  plotting electricity usage for various economic sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial. Which economic sector’s usage is the largest? Let’s find out. The usage data represents the US electricity consumption for different years in the month of July. The usage data are in 109 kWh/day, and the price data is Read More

SHPE Boeing Water Rocket Contest

(Featured image: UCF team and two Boeing engineers) Those of us involved in the engineering industry know that one of the things that make engineering training great is the support we get as students from major companies to develop our skills and put in practice what we learn in the classroom. Boeing Company Space Coast Read More