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Solidworks CSWA Certification

Recently earned the Solidworks CSWA certification mid-semester as part of the CAD/CAM class at UCF. The exam was about 3 hours with 14 questions including 3 conceptual, and 11 hands-on part modeling; 2 were assemblies mating. CAD/CAM are great tools in engineering and Solidworks is really great software. Can’t wait to see all the things Read More

Solidworks Learning

Some CAD designs in my Solidworks learning process               Read More

Aerodynamic Car Design

Measuring Drag and Visualizing Flow Patters Around a Vehicle Goal: Test a car in a wind tunnel at max speed of 40 m/s and compare to another (provided by professor) for drag measurement and perform visualization of the flow patterns around the vehicle. Group Project: 4 Members Materials Provided: Wheels, Axles As a group, we Read More