Hello You!

Welcome to my personal website. Well, besides my information, here I’ll post stuff that interests me and may interest others. I post things I do, or will do. From video tutorials to books analyses. My goal is to share and absorb knowledge collectively. I will also post projects I am working on, some opinions about different Read More

Electricity Usage with MATLAB

In this project we are  plotting electricity usage for various economic sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial. Which economic sector’s usage is the largest? Let’s find out. The usage data represents the US electricity consumption for different years in the month of July. The usage data are in 109 kWh/day, and the price data is Read More

Aeronautics & Astronautics Courses on MIT OpenCourseWare

Great resources for aerospace students. A great archive of course material/lectures from MIT aerospace program. Check it out here: MIT Aero Classes Archive Also, the Aerospace Department: MIT AeroAstro Website Read More

Playing with Arduino

The Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. It is low cost and it is great for the creation of interesting projects. The Arduino contains an microcontroller to which one can apply logic to control input and output using different sensors and components. If you have ever heard of, or played with, a Raspberry Pi, Read More

SHPE Boeing Water Rocket Contest

(Featured image: UCF team and two Boeing engineers) Those of us involved in the engineering industry know that one of the things that make engineering training great is the support we get as students from major companies to develop our skills and put in practice what we learn in the classroom. Boeing Company Space Coast Read More

Something Comes Out of Something

OK, there are many ways to say it. Napoleon Hill, the author of the famous book Think And Grow Rich stated it as, “There is no such thing as something for nothing”, when referring to the accumulation of riches and attainment of success. Wikipedia  has it as “Nothing comes from nothing”  in a reference to ancient Greek Read More